Two Things That Annoy Me

Every so often something gets on my nerves and I feel bad expressing that annoyance for fear of hurting someone’s feelings. My aunt, for example, gets upset every time I correct her grammar or spelling on Facebook. Granted, perhaps Facebook is not the best place for a lesson in the English language but it’s something I’ve always done, and most of the time without thinking. (I do this everywhere, I guess it’s kind of a bad habit, but whether in person or IM I have this compulsive need to do so.) Lately I’ve been trying to be a bit more conscious about what I say when correcting people, but I have to say the following things in internet culture annoy the shit out of me and I can’t keep my mouth shut any longer:

  • Excessive use of exclamation points
  • The use of an emoticon such as :) or :D after saying anything that could be taken badly

Firstly, never ever ever should every sentence in an email end with an exclamation point. Doubly so for blog posts. I don’t care if you are SO EXCITED OMG!!!! It’s just not necessary and comes off, to me, as childish. :)

See what I did there? I stuck in a smiley face after saying something is childish. After blatantly telling everyone who uses exclamation points everywhere that you know what? You’re acting like a little kid! But hey, I put a smiley face after so you shouldn’t be offended. How annoying is that?

Now you know what I mean. I constantly see this happening, most often in Tweets. It’s annoying. Please stop. :D


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  • Reply Allison Blass December 7, 2011 at 3:29 pm

    I definitely use smiley faces a lot, but I don’t think in that context. At least, I don’t think I do. Exclamation marks are annoying but I also hate bloggers who always use capital letters for emphasis. I’m like, I get you’re trying to be REALLY EXCITED ABOUT SOMETHING but it’s super annoying. I use italics and I try to use them when I’m really trying to make a point. Not just be loud and obnoxious. Of course, the people who use them most are loud and obnoxious people so maybe it goes with the personality?

    • Reply Erica December 15, 2011 at 12:19 am

      Perhaps! I wouldn’t be surprised if personality correlated with writing styles.

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