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Day of Snacks

October 30th: Day 3, London -> Lancashire / Greater Manchester

We took a National Rail train up to the northern part of England where we’d be staying for a few days with Matt‘s parents. As both Louie and I were in the wedding party (he on the groom’s side and myself on the bride’s) being there early was a requirement. (Louie needed to be there for the Stag Do!)

However, before boarding our train we had breakfast with our AirBNB host at a place called Brown’s where I was able to order a french toast (despite that not being common in England, or so I am told). Louie had Eggs Benedict but his eggs weren’t runny enough to his liking. Then our host took us to M&S and Tesco to get snacks/candy for the train… which ended up being: 2 Cadbury chocolate bars, 1 bag of chocolate covered strawberries, 1 tin of chocolate covered macadamia nuts, 2 scones with strawberry jam & cream, and I think something else as well that I cannot recall. Continue Reading