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Figuring Out My Personal Style: Color Palette

As most girls do, I love shopping. I love it a lot, and thus I have a lot of clothes. In fact, I have an entire 3-door closet (sliding, sadly not a walk in) and a large 8-drawer dresser full of clothes. (Which doesn’t even include my 4-drawer unmentionables dresser!) The problem, though, is that I still have a lot of clothes that I’ve had since college (in some cases even high school, *cringe*) and I honestly am over the jeans-and-t-shirt look. Sure, it’s comfortable, but I feel like I’m still in college when I wear it. I want to get rid of most of my t-shirts, keeping only the ones I really love and replacing them with tops that I feel suit my personality and my vision of my “personal style” more.

Personal Style—It’s a word that haunts some people because they feel they can’t decide what they want or stick to one look! It’s hard, seriously, figuring out not only what you like (and don’t like) but also what works with your body type and coloring (skin/hair/eyes). (Same goes for figuring out what makeup looks right too, actually.)

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