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Deva Cut: Before & After

In December of last year—yes, I know, this is a very belated blog post—I went to get my very first Deva Cut, which is a specific method of cutting and styling curly hair. They cut your hair dry, so that the curl pattern is visible, instead of wet which can weigh down curls and stretch them out. Then they wash, style, and go back in with scissors to do any touchups. They never use a razor or thinning shears, and they cut each curl individually and at a specific point in the curl so as not to break it’s pattern. It’s a long hair cut, 1-2 hours, but totally and utterly worth it.

I was able to find a salon here in San Francisco, Madusalon, that caters specifically to curly hair and are experts in Deva Cuts. Previously I’ve had my hair cut at Ouidad in NY, where they also specialize in curly hair but they still cut your hair wet. When I moved to SF I was originally going to Barber Lounge until my stylist left the salon. I really liked my stylist there and we remain friends, but I had been wanting to try a Deva Cut for a long time now. (That post is from 4 years ago! Augh.) I’m glad I finally did, and am kind of kicking myself for not doing it sooner!

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Quest for a New Hair Stylist

When I lived in New York City, I went to the Ouidad salon to get my hair cut and styled—they specialize in curly hair, and I love and use their products every day. Sadly, there is no Ouidad salon or Ouidad-trained stylist in the SF bay area. :( I’m not sure where to go, so I’ve begun scouring Yelp and Naturally Curly for salon reviews.

Despite my lamentation that there’s no Ouidad stylists in the area, there seem to be plenty who are trained in the “Deva” cut, which is another method for cutting curly hair. I’ve never had a Deva cut before, but it doesn’t seem like a bad thing to try. It won’t kill me, right? (Though, depressingly, the salon that pioneered the Deva cut, Devachan, is ALSO based out of NY.)

I’ve found a few salons that do the deva cut and a few that don’t specify, so I’ll have to make some calls to confirm. Then I’m set to make an appointment somewhere for next weekend, after my birthday, which is when I get paid next.