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Last night I had my 2nd haircut at the Barber Lounge, which would also be my 2nd haircut since I’ve been living in San Francisco… and guess what? I have another appointment in 2 weeks! :O

Those of you that know me well will know that I have paranoia when it comes to getting my hair cut—ever since my grandma once took me to her hairdresser to get a “stylish pixie cut”—I had photos of what I wanted and everything—the summer before high school and the hairdresser gave me a bob instead with one side shorter than the other… Yeah, you get the picture. I had to wait the summer for my hair to grow out and then get it reshaped before high school started, and it was still not what I wanted. Bleh.

Since then I have avoided getting my hair cut like the plague. I don’t remember how many haircuts I got in high school but it was not many… and in college I got my hair cut all of twice in 4 years. Yeah, that’s kind of bad, I know. And I’ve grown accustomed and fond of the length of my hair! Continue Reading